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“A true team of expert contractors”

Mr. Particular met all my needs and exceeded my
expectations. Will definitely use there services

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Sophia Moore
Minneapolis, MN

“A team that never undelivers”

Reliable and very professional. Everything was done in
a timely manner and they did it with the best quality.

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Mike Warren
St. Cloud, MN

“Great work quality, and delivered on time”

Hands down the best garage floor service you can find in
Minnesota. They took really good care of everything.
Very professional.

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Lily Woods
Eau Claire, WI

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We might have an answer! Here are the most asked questions from our customers.

What is the warranty?

Our hybrid epoxy floor coatings have a limited lifetime warranty against peeling/delamination from the concrete for as long as the original purchaser owns the home in which the floor coating materials were installed. We trust in our materials and processes to give our customers a floor that lasts.

Do I need to be home during the installation process?

No, you do not.  We can install while you are away, but we will need access to your space, either through an open door, a garage code, or a key. Most of our customers choose to reset their garage code to 0000 while we are there and reprogram their private number back when we are finished.

How should I care for my new floor?

To clean your new floor, simply spray it clean with a garden hose and sprayer attachment, then use a foam squeegee to remove the excess water. Occasionally you may need to use about 6 ounces of CLEAR ammonia per gallon of water to remove some stubborn dirt. Our hybrid epoxy floors are designed to be resistant to mold, mildew, salt corrosion, and more, so you won’t need to worry about expensive cleaning agents or repairs.

Are the coatings flammable and do they smell?

Our coatings are non-flammable. Although there is some odor, it’s primarily on the final day during installation of the topcoat and will dissipate within 24 hours.

What do we do with all our garage items when our floor is being installed?

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove all contents from the garage. It is often stored under a tarp in the driveway or in a side yard or patio. As a chargeable service option, we can arrange for a storage unit to be delivered and we can also empty the garage for you. Our team of garage floor technicians are always happy to help make our customers’ experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you’re interested in getting assistance with cleaning out your garage, just let us know.

What type of preparation do you do before installing my new floor?

Whether your concrete is new or old, we prepare the concrete mechanically using diamond tooling on a commercial grinder. This process “opens the pores” of the concrete, allowing our primer coat to penetrate deeply for exceptional adhesion. This process is typically considered to be the best method for obtaining a consistent surface profile and is superior to the acid etching method used by some companies in the industry. We allot two to three days for our installation process to ensure we allow enough time for these strong bonds to be formed between the concrete and primer/base coats. We give all our customers a long-lasting hybrid epoxy floor solution so that once your floor is complete, there’s no need to worry.

My floor has various cracks and pits in it.  Can I still have it coated?

Yes, you can.  This is more common than not and is often due to road salt or other harsh elements that cause the damage.  We have epoxy and polymer fillers that work extremely well to restore the surface back to a flat surface for the coating to be installed on.

What type of flooring system do you install?

Mr. Particular has a number of resinous epoxy and polyaspartic formulations. This allows us to address various concrete, humidity, and temperature conditions to ensure proper adhesion. Our polyaspartic coatings protect against peeling, wear and tear, and other issues found in areas with extreme weather conditions. Our hybrid epoxy floor coating system permanently bonds with the existing concrete floor giving you superior results. This maximizes the protection you receive against potential hazards, and it saves you time and money on maintenance and repairs.

Why does the floor look mottled after the first coat?

The first coat we install is a primer coat.  This primer coat sinks deep into the open pores of the concrete giving you a superior bond to the substrate.  Since the pores vary across each area of concrete, the primer coat may appear blotchy.  The primer is only the first step in the process.

How long will the floor take to dry?

You will be able to walk on your new floor after 24 hours from the final top coat application.  Once 72 hours has passed, the floor coating has sufficiently cured to allow for cars and household items to be exposed to the floor.

What’s the difference between epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic coatings?

The quick and easy answer is that our high-performance hybrid epoxy coatings surpass traditional epoxy, polyurea, or polyaspartic coatings on numerous levels. Mr. Particular’s hybrid epoxy floor coatings are designed for garage floors in the harsh Midwest elements. This unique hybrid approach provides both maximum adhesion and penetration into the concrete as well as the flexibility to expand and contract. Polyurea coatings cure quickly on the surface which inhibits the ability for the coating to bond into the pores of the concrete. Our coatings penetrate and adhere into the pores of the concrete preventing them from lifting and peeling like many traditional floor coating systems.