Our Proven Floor Coating Installation Process

When it comes to your new flooring system, don’t settle for shady craftsmanship and low-quality materials.  Whether you’re looking to repair your old floor or coat your new concrete surfaces, you deserve an aesthetically pleasing floor that will last for years after installation. Mr. Particular Coating Solutions uses state-of-the-art equipment paired with an innovative installation process to ensure that your new floor coating system will feature style and elegance for many years to come.  Our installation process takes roughly 1 to 2 days depending on the project at hand, leaving you with a floor that withstands weathering, salt, chemicals, oil, and moisture.  Our trained floor coating technicians take pride in offering you superior craftsmanship and customer service. We look forward to working with you.

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Mr. Particular's Process

Clearing the Space and Cleaning the Floors icon

Clearing the Space & Cleaning the Floor

For our team members to install your new floor coating system, we ask our customers to clear out any belongings and sweep the floor prior to our arrival. If there’s something you need help moving that can be safely moved with the help of our team members, we are happy to lend a hand. If you need items stored while your floor is being completed, Mr. Particular Coating Solutions can arrange for a mobile storage unit to be dropped at your residence.

Surface is prepared icon

Surface is Prepared

With a clean and clear space, we can get to work with our mechanical grinding machines. Our diamond grinders feature diamond tooling that allow us to open the pores in your concrete. Opening the pores in your concrete is a crucial step because it allows our priming coat to soak into the concrete, developing the strongest possible bond with the substrate.

Surface is repaired and cleaned icon

Surface is Repaired and Cleaned

Our next step is to repair any existing cracks or defects in the floor with an epoxy-based polymer to create a smooth, seamless finish. We then grind these areas once again to ensure proper adhesion of our primer coat to the repaired areas. Once this process is complete, we are ready to do a final vacuum of the surface.

Prime Coat applied icon

Prime Coat Applied

The first coat of primer is applied to ensure proper adhesion and prevent future lifting or peeling of the epoxy from the concrete surface.  By testing levels of moisture in your concrete flooring, we can determine the specific type of primer needed for your new coating system to ensure moisture vapor transmissions don’t cause future issues with your floor.

Base/color coat and broadcast icon

Base/Color Coat and Broadcast 

The next coat of high-quality epoxy is applied on top of the primer coat within 24 hours which allows it to bond at a molecular level. Based on your desired coating system, vinyl chips may be broadcasted into this coat while the epoxy is still wet.  In some of our floor coating systems, this step is repeated a second time before applying the topcoat.

topcoat is applied icon

Topcoat is Applied

After the base coat has cured, any excess broadcast material is scraped and vacuumed to free the chips from the floor.   Once your floor is clean, we can apply the first coat of UV stable premium polyaspartic.  This first coat is often referred to as a grout coat if you have chosen a flake floor coating system.  A second coat of premium polyaspartic is then applied to leave your floor shimmering and protected for a lifetime. If a slip-resistant texture is desired, it will be installed during this step.

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