Metallic Floor Coating

Where durability and luxury meet. Our hybrid epoxy metallic floor coating system is a decorative flooring system.

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Metallic Floor Coating System

Concrete Floor to Luxurious Showroom

Our hybrid epoxy metallic floor coating system is a decorative flooring system with metallic pigment designed to produce a uniquely attractive 3-dimensional appearance with superior surface wear protection.  These special effect pigments are composed of mica nanoparticles coated with various organic and inorganic pigments that mimic the natural look of granite stone rock formations.  By combining the extreme durability of high-performance epoxy flooring with the contemporary edgy effects of metallic pigments, you will be able to enhance the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of your surface to withstand the most challenging flooring environments.

When Being Particular Matters

Mr. Particular Coating Solutions leads the way when it comes to metallic concrete coatings. No two metallic floors are the same, and we ensure a great outcome by utilizing our experience and artistic craftsmanship to design a floor you will love. Choose from a vast collection of multi-dimensional color hues to customize your environment.  No two installs are the same with our metallic series giving you a very stylish, unique result. If you’re looking to transform your concrete floor with a metallic floor coating system, we can help bring your vision to life.

Metallic Floor Coating Benefits:

The Metallic Floor Coating System may be the perfect coating solution for your concrete floor. Contact us today to schedule for free estimate, we look forward to working with you!

Beautiful Appearance
Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Superior Strength and Durability
Locally owned and operated
UV Resistant

Available Color Options:

Colors shown below are our most popular quartz colors.  Don’t see something you love?  Let us know.  We have access to a variety of colors and can even customize a blend unique to you!

Manatee Blend
Bamboo Blend
Sunset Blend
Cabana Blend
Cannon Blend
Caribbean Blend

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