Quartz Floor Coating

Quartz achieves design and durability in the harshest flooring environments.

Quartz Floor Coating

Quartz Floor Coating System

Ultimate Texture and Durability For Your Concrete Flooring

The Quartz Concrete Coating System by Mr. Particular Coating Solutions is a high-build system that offers extreme abrasion resistance and a rough texture that complies to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) slip requirements. This makes it the ideal concrete coating system for many commercial and residential applications.  

The quartz system is a multi-layer system that begins with the color base coat of our hybrid epoxy coating system. Colored quartz granules are added to provide texture and extreme durability.  After the first color base coat is applied we repeat this process to provide a high-build of quartz granules and epoxy.  Once these steps are complete, an anti-slip UV stable topcoat is added to seal the granules in and provide a surface that requires little maintenance. The quartz system offers superior resistance to wear from abrasion, chemicals, heavy traffic, and road salt.

Benefits of the Quartz Coating System:

Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Superior Strength and Durability
UV Resistant

The Quartz Floor Coating System may be the perfect coating solution for your concrete floor. Contact us today to schedule for free estimate, we look forward to working with you!

Quartz Signature Series

Choose from a collection of two dozen different colored quartz floor coating options to fit your environment. Completely customize your unique quartz floor coating system by choosing your ideal color and texture preference.

Oxford Blend
Nightfall Blend
Twilight Blend
Biscuit Blend
Driftwood Blend
New Moon
New Moon Blend

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